Monday, January 15, 2007

In Memory of...

We have created this blog space as a dedication to a local artist who has recently passed on. George Glenn Rodgers was an artist that created many things. Prints, lithographs, oil paintings, etc. He was well known in our community and has quite an interesting history.

"Schools can teach a man to paint. But only through experiencing life can a man become an artist. By either measure, George Glenn Rodgers has distinguished himself in his calling.

"Life has not been easy. He was orphaned at an early age and his childhood in northern Minnesota was often lonely. But out of that loneliness came a love for the woods and its creatures and an understanding of the role of all things.

"At 16 he ran away and joined the Marines. Then came a long convalescence in a VA hospital: another chance to learn himself.

"Then came college in Minnesota, Idaho, and Alaska. He played football, became a smoke jumper, took part in a couple of arctic explorations and finally joined the Alaska Highway Patrol.

"That beautiful wild land captivated him and he burned with the desire to paint it and its people. That brought him to Connecticut to art school. He has spent the past decade sharpening the skills of his craft: studying, painting, teaching.

"The work in this portfolio represents an almost mystical fascination for him. His own Indian ancestry is a part of it. So is his love for the wild country. But more than anything else, it is his communion with nature that gives him his rare insight into a proud, free people."

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friend of George Glenn Rodgers said...

I have access to a large number of George Glenn Rogers artwork including eagle, polar bear, lynx, wolve's, misc animals, ak native sketches. e-mail me at if interested